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What is PECS?...

PECS stands for Poultry Exhibition & Competition Software, its an exciting new innovative software system designed to cater for and to manage all aspects of a Poultry Competition. So what are the advantages of PECS ?

Ease Of Operation

The user entry software is very consise and easy to use.

Innovative design

This exciting new software is linked to an internal router, where the data once entered is collected and processed.


Enter judging results on mobile devices. Where upon the data is processed and prize cards are printed automatically.

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a little more about PECS

PECS is new innovative and exciting piece of software that allows associations to very easily organize, judge and manage their competitions

Pecs handles everything from the initial entry forms to Judging, Prize and Place calculations and everything in between. Entrants lodge their entry forms online and Pecs handles things from there. Using a simple tablet or smart phone, Judges log in and are shown only the entries they need to Judge. Once a Judge has allocated a placing to the entry Pecs records the results, allocates placements and organises the prize money. Pecs does everything from displaying the progress of the competition to printing final report and Prize Certificates.

Sample Prize Certificates

All prize certificates can be automatically printed as the results become available.

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